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Wednesday, 10/Sep/2008

Islay Farmers Making The News

Picture of cattle grazing close to the sea shore, cotton grass in the foreground

Islay usually gets mentioned in the news for the whisky, the wave power station or the bird- and wildlife. Admittedly not a topic that will make the 9:00 o'clock news, but it seems Islay's farmers (one in particular) are making at least the farming news recently. As many visitors to Islay will know Islay beef is excellent. I guess a combination of the good Islay air the cattle get to breathe and the craft of the farmers:

The Campbeltown Courier starts the reports with Islay Show is back and as good as ever. In the report Tom Epps of Ardnave is mentioned, he is also pointed out in The Scottish Farmer with a Successful debut at Islay. The start of the Avonvogie Abattoir also receives a mention.

Picture of a large black bull, other cattle around it

Now I don't have any pictures of Tom's winning animal and have to resort to other pictures of cattle from Islay, but that doesn't stop him being mentioned: While the Poacher steals the show isn't him he still receives a mention for the sale of his prize winning bullock. The Taking Stock blog goes one further and actually has a picture of it in the £7000 new centre record for Stirling calves entry. I'm slightly confused about the name though: Some say it's ‘Munch Bunch’, others ‘Mr P’. I assume it's the same animal, but which name is right?

Tom isn't the only Islay farmer making it into the news: I've mentioned it in a previous Islay blogging roundup somewhere, James Porter made the headlines with Private sale smashes Blonde record, when paying 10,000gns (which I'm told is approx £10,500) for a pedigree Blonde bull.

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