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Friday, 19/Sep/2008

Friday Islay Picture #74

Yay, Friday evening and for a change the weather forecast looks very promising. Well, at least for down here in the south of England. For Islay it only looks ‘OK’. So for this week's Friday Islay picture. Almost in the tradition of yesterday's unusual Islay video a rather strange Islay picture today, at least at first glance:

Picture of a metal lid in a grassy ground, a person standing on it

A metal cover on the ground? Why is that worth a Friday Islay picture? Well, this is not just any metal cover and the water around it is not just any water. No, this is the Octomore well, which supplies water for Bruichladdich (We visited it during the Port Charlotte Dusk Walk in 2004).

Bruichladdich distillery has distilled and recently bottled a whisky called Octomore. Today I received a letter from Bruichladdich about said whisky, but more about that tomorrow.

For now I wish you a great weekend, weather permitting enjoy the start of the autumn (or may be an Indian summer?) or whatever else your plans might be. Good night for now.

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