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Saturday, 04/Oct/2008

Campbell Islay Butchers Sell Islay Meat

Picture of the back of a van of Campbell Butchers, Port Ellen, Islay

When I wrote about the Islay Abattoir ‘reopening’ recently I also briefly mentioned the Meat Islay - ‘Hatched and Despatched on Islay’ initiative. One of the members of the group is Campbell Butchers on Frederick Crescent in Port Ellen, Islay. As these pictures I was sent yesterday show you can't really miss them, just watch out for the van or drop by in the shop in Port Ellen:

Picture of a butchers premises with the butchers van parked outside

While I was staying mostly in hotels or B&Bs my interest in the local butchers was limited (after all it's a bit difficult to fry a steak in your room...), but as a recent convert to more self-catering I obviously have a much higher interest in the local food supply.

Knowing where I can buy fully locally sourced meat is certainly a huge bonus, I'll be shopping in Port Ellen in a view weeks time.

Picture of a butcher de-boning a pig

Now I'm hungry after writing this, time for my dinner. Unfortunately not with Islay meat just yet...

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