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Sunday, 05/Oct/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #51

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With a very wet weekend down here in the south of England (Islay fared a bit better with some sunshine this afternoon) coming to an end it is time for the weekly Islay Blogging Roundup. I didn't get as far as I had hoped with some of the ‘Islay web things’ as I had hoped, working on some long neglected e-mail accounts took longer than expected. But some progress was made, hopefully more on that soon. I also decided to have ‘text icons’ for some of the regular Islay features on this blog, you can see the first in this entry. But now to what the blogs had to say about Islay and Jura this week:

In last week's roundup I told you to watch out for Adam's and his friends visit to Islay. As promised Adam has followed up with a post about Islay walking, whisky and wild camping. Looks like they had a great time on Islay!

Another blogger I mentioned last week also followed up with two more Islay posts: The Bondbloke has an entry about the Girl Carmen I had mentioned in the Islay Trawler Photos entry. Then he followed up with Bones on the Beach, follow the link to find out what that's all about. And there's more: Not sure why I missed it previously, but there is a slide show Islay: Island of Whisky and Jazz on his Photogenic Scotland blog. Most definitely worth a look, not only for the further Islay pictures you will find on it.

Talking of jazz, rhythmaning went to the Islay Jazz Festival and documented his visit with a lot of pictures of both Islay and the musicians. He also writes very interesting about his experiences on Islay.

Some very nice pictures with a lot of soul can be found on SoulBlog.: Islay.... Quite dark, but I like them.

I don't know if anyone took pictures of it from Islay, but the Muasdale Reports has a picture of a rig just off Islay. I didn't know that these pass the area, I thought they were mainly in the north east of Scotland?

How about some Islay whisky blogging? Here we go:

The Whisky Exchange claims to have exclusive Octomore and PC 7 pictures. Let's see how the bottles will turn out once ultimately released.

‘There is a whisky for everyone’ have just tried the Laphroaig 10 year olds and share their experiences. Raul has tried the Bunnahabhain and was very happy with it.

Several blogs cover the new Bruichladdich ‘First Growth’ series, among them The Whisky Grotto, for argyll, and Ron's IslayInfo blog. The Bruichladdich Blog has just one word for some of the whisky marketing: Hogwash. He's much kinder when writing about Places to Stay in Bruichladdich.

Tom of the ardblog briefly touches on the new Ardbeg TEN before moving on to other Islay whiskies: An upcoming Kilchoman 3yo, a very very very old Bruichladdich and the Bowmore Maltmen's Selection.

But the big event of the week on Islay is the arrival of the geese:

The Islay Birds blog has some numbers and a picture after large numbers have arrived. Just a day earlier the number was much lower after the very low numbers early in the week.

Ron's Islay Weblog also picks up on it with Geese Arriving on Islay and Islay Goosefest. More in his and Jeremy's Islay Geese Report 39 - Arrival of the Geese.

Jeremy Islay Birding News Hastings also blogs the Geese Arrival! Later in the week he just says What a Day!

Last but by no means least the Islay Birder John Armitage reports of a Goose day. Earlier in the week he was getting soaked but also saw 4 Golden Eagles. During the week he spotted a variety of birds and provides the quote of the week:

Later the winds more northerly and much more can always tell when there's a real've to turn the sound up on the TV!!!!

Same as last week a heads up for a blog to watch: Mirko Herzner went to Islay and has started to document his visit in his photoblog. His journey to Islay starts here (then click on ‘next day’ to continue), there should be many more to come over the next few days or even weeks. You can also find them through Images tagged 'islay'.

That's it for this week I think, to read about other topics go to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Mandelson, the VP debate and lots of ideas from the SNP. Good night!

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