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Monday, 06/Oct/2008

Islay's Prehistoric Sites

Picture of a standing stone with an island in a loch in the background

Inspired by Avebury Stone Circle the musician and artist Julian Cope wrote a book The Modern Antiquarian. In the book he describes his search for prehistoric Britain. While I don't know if he visited Islay during his research travels for the book I'm fairly sure many of the various prehistoric sites on Islay are mentioned in it. After all many (or even all?) of them are mentioned in a website based on it:

Same as the book the site is called The Modern Antiquarian. On it you will find a page listing the prehistoric sites on Islay. They include Cultoon, a site I've created my own Cultoon Stone Circle on Islay page for after a visit to Kilchiaran Bay and Coultoon in 2001. Another one is the standing stone near Finlaggan, that's the one above I've used to illustrate this entry. Much more to discover on the site, definitely worth a look around.

I'm not sure if they know of each other or are possibly ‘related’ I also recently found The Northern Antiquarian, which focuses on the north of the UK (which obviously includes Islay). If I'm not mistaken the site is still quite young, so as of writing this there's only one place on Islay mentioned on it: Clachan Ceann Ile, Islay, Argyll.

While none of the sites on Islay can really compete with the likes of Avebury or Stonehenge they all have their own appeal. The best about them probably that you will pretty much have them for yourself, at best (or worst?) you'll have to share them with a few sheep or may be cattle.

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