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Friday, 10/Oct/2008

Friday Islay Picture #77

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

After yet another week with a lot of uncertainty and instability with the ‘Credit Crunch’ let me try to counter with at least a tiny bit of normality and stability: The weekly Friday Islay picture. Going through a few pictures earlier today I found something that possibly links to the Islay's Prehistoric Sites entry from earlier this week. Not entirely sure what it is, but quite possibly it is very old:

Picture of some overgrown earth walls

On the OS Explorer Map ‘Islay North’ there is a mark ‘Hut Circle’ in this area. It is just east of Port Bun Aibhne and Rubha Lamanais, or to the west of Smaull Farm House. The view on the picture is south, in the far distance you can see the Kilchoman Crags.

If you have any further information or suggestions about what this might be, please let me know. It was first pointed out to me during the WalkIslay around Saligo walk in April 2003. I'm fairly sure Gus said something about it then, but unfortunately I've forgotten what. The picture is from a few month later, when I took my late mother on the same Islay walk from Saligo Bay to Dùn Bheolain and beyond.

With that I'll leave you for today. Have a great weekend, be it on Islay or anywhere else in the world!

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