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Tuesday, 04/Nov/2008

Islay Wedding Memories

Picture of a photographer with a newly wed couple on the top of a dune

This morning I posted a letter with a CD containing some special Islay pictures and video. At least I hope they will be for Mark and Anne Ryan. While they won't be able to compete with Islay Studios' Mark Unsworth's pictures I hope they will complement his Islay Wedding Pictures from Saligo Bay. Not only had I met Mark and Anne at the beach, I also saw them in the evening at an taigh-osda and the next day at Mark's studio. Mark and Anne sent me a note which they kindly allowed me to quote:

Well that's our Honeymoon well and truly over. We spent another fantastic night at an Taigh Osda last Saturday and then, after a day of pottering about the island, returned to Glasgow on the Sunday evening flight.

As you'll know leaving Islay is a very difficult thing to do and especially so for us after all the kindness that was extended to us by locals and non-locals(!) alike. It truly made our wedding something very special and something that we will cherish for years to come.

It is wonderful to see the photographs on your blog as they give us a different perspective on our time at Saligo bay - another very special memory.

Many thanks again. Good luck with the blog and we hope to see you back on Islay some day for a chat and a dram!

Really a special wedding, I'm sure Mark and Anne will remember the occasion for many many years and hopefully return to Islay frequently. While I won't share the video I created for them online (that's only for their eyes and the people they want to share it with) you can expect a video of a stormy Saligo Bay over the coming weeks. I also hope to create a panorama of the wild seas rolling in on to the beach at Saligo Bay, fingers crossed it will turn out well.

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