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Thursday, 20/Nov/2008

Islay from Rathlin Island

Today we're going to leave Islay and look over to Islay from another island. That island is Rathlin Island, just across the Northern Channel. Islay Sea Safari quite regularly take trips to Rathlin or Ballycastle, as this video of the Islay Boys Football Club shows. But now to the view(s) of Islay:

Flickr user Colin Boyle is a regular visitor to Islay and Jura, although I believe he lives somewhere in Northern Ireland. I don't know if it was from these Rathlin Island Cliffs, but Colin has an absolutely amazing picture of the Mull of Oa and the Rinns of Islay seen from Rathlin Island. For an even better view I recommend the Large or even better the Original sizes. I don't think you can get much better than that.

Colin also has some great pictures from Islay and Jura, two I'd like to point out: First this beautiful picture of the American Monument, I really like the colours in this picture. Second a nice shot of the Jura Hotel cat. If you are from Jura, may be you can help out with the details of the story behind the cat (see the comments at the picture)?

Last but not least I have found a video claiming to be Looking at Islay and Fair Head from Rathlin Island:

I'm guessing Islay would be the bit on the left at 0:35 - 0:42?

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