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Friday, 21/Nov/2008

Friday Islay Picture #82 - Oystercatchers and Cross Waves

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

And now for something completely ... predictable. Yes, it's Friday evening. Yes, I've got a picture for you. Yes, it's a picture from Islay. Yes, it's the Friday Islay Picture.

It's at Loch Indaal, on the beach near Uskentuie. There was an interesting wave formation, some ‘cross waves’: While the wind was blowing in waves from a south easterly direction a light swell was coming in from a more south westerly direction, resulting in these small waves breaking in a criss cross pattern. As I was taking pictures a few Oystercatchers passed. That's the story behind this picture:

Picture of 3 oystercatchers flying across some interesting small waves crossing each other

I hope you like the picture, if all goes to plan I hopefully have a few more pictures of various types over the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, have a great weekend, whereever you are, whatever your plans are and whatever the weather!

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