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Saturday, 13/Dec/2008

Islay's Port Ellen Angling Club

Picture of an angler flyfishing on a loch

Picking the picture for today's entry showed me how little I know about fishing and angling: I'm not sure if the picture while taken on Islay really fits to what I'm going to write about today. But back to where it all started. Recently Gavin contacted me and asked me if I can write something about the Port Ellen Angling Club and their website. As this entry shows I'm more than happy to oblige even though my knowledge about angling is, shall we say, limited?

What I do know though is that angling is a popular sport and activity on Islay. Many people go fishing in the various lochs on Islay as well as the sea around Islay, as I've mentioned in a previous entry about fishing on Islay. The 2003 European Fly Fishing Championship were held on Islay and in 2009 the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships will take place on Islay (15-21/June/2009 to be precise). If that's not a compliment to Islay then I don't know.

The Port Ellen Angling Club is mainly active on Glenastle Lochs, Kinnabus Loch (second largest freshwater loch on Islay after Loch Gorm), School Loch and Gillie Loch, but also travels further afield including the Scottish Championships and other events on the mainland. The club holds various internal competitions and organises outings, for a lot more information I can only recommend the very comprehensive Port Ellen Angling Club website!

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