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Sunday, 21/Dec/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #60

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Christmas is just around the corner now, and it shows: It's been fairly quiet on the blogs from Islay as well as from around the world. Many people are going away for their Christmas holidays, some to Islay, others away from Islay, to see family and friends. But there was still something to be found in the blogs about Islay and Jura over the last week:

Let me start with the new blogs: Last weekend I launched my Islay Pictures - Pictures from the Isle of Islay, Scotland photoblog, regular readers will probably have visited it already. I must admit I was a bit surprised when I found another blog today with almost exactly the same name launched yesterday, run by Ron using the same software and a quite similar design/functionality. Well, the more pictures, the merrier.

Another new blog (well, not strictly speaking new, but new for me) is Life on Jura. It's not frequently updated, only once a month or sometimes less, but when it is updated certainly worth a read.

Let's stick to the pictures: On Photogenic Scotland the Bondbloke continued the countdown to Islay with Countdown to Islay 5, Countdown to Islay 4, Countdown to Islay 3, Countdown to Islay 2 and Countdown to Islay 1, until yesterday it said We’re HERE!

Mirko Herzner's photographic journey continues, he's on Jura at the moment. His pictures include: Tropical Jura, Jura Distillery: Filling the Cask, Jura Hotel (2) and Jura Hotel (1).

Islay from Kilmory Knap is a fantastic picture of Islay and Jura seen from the mainland on Dick Edie’s Photoblog. The picture is also available on Flickr (view the larger versions by clicking on ‘All Sizes’).

A blog I have linked to before (but must admit I'm too lazy to search for when that was) is needled. And she is getting nostalgic before an Islay visit over the Christmas holidays. The entry only mentions Islay in passing, but hopefully there will be more about Islay after her return.

How about a bit of whisky? I'm sure quite a few of you will have the odd wee dram over Christmas. PC6: Perfection on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon writes Whisky2.0. Not very convinced by Laphroaig is this Swedish blogger while a South African blogger writes about Islay Whisky and The M3 Convertible. Tom Morton in the meantime warns of too much Phenol.

Takeshi Mogi from Japan writes about a Bowmore competition and the Bruichladdich Blog reminds us of an important event 8 Years Today before wishing a Merry Christmas.

The Islay bird blogs have also been comparably quiet: Jeremy Hastings is now on holiday (Bons fetes!). As John Islay Birder Armitage writes not much changes at the moment so there isn't that much to write about, although he still manages to write about Great Tits and conservation at Dunlossit Estate as well as wondering if birds can be a good guide during bad weather.

A similar picture on the Islay Birds blog, mentioning the bad weather putting a stop to many activities. Still some birds to report though, including six, yes 6, Sea Eagles and the numbers of some bird counts.

Ron has a Sound of Islay Panorama from the Ferry and StormCats by MouseClicks while Life on Islay asks Where did November Go?

And that's it. More than I had initially thought. Before I leave you for the week the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with two entries to be mentioned: The Non-Political Blog Round-Up: or NoPoBloRo? and Hallelujah! Christmas comes early for the blogosphere.

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