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Saturday, 27/Dec/2008

Imke's Discover Islay Tartan Kilt Skirt

Picture of a woman in an Discover Islay tartan kilt skirt

It turned out not be the ‘surprise’ I had hoped for, but it still turned out very nice: My sister is now the proud owner of a ‘kilted skirt’ (I think that's what they're called) in the Discover Islay tartan developed and woven by the Islay Woollen Mill. That's her on the right modelling her new skirt on Christmas eve.

Imke had wanted a skirt in a special tartan for a long time, so during our two weeks on Islay in June 2007 she ordered one when we visited the woollen mill one afternoon. Unfortunately something went wrong with the order, but that didn't stop her. She just asked me to sort it out during one of my visits.

Now I had thought she didn't know that I had ordered the skirt again, forgetting that I had to call her about a measurement when at the woollen mill during my visit in October. So when Gordon e-mailed me that it was ready I just asked him to send it to me and we sorted out the payment, allowing me to take the skirt over to Germany and present it to her as her Christmas present.

While she didn't know that I was going to give it to her as a Christmas present she did have her suspicions. Meaning it wasn't a complete surprise, but she was still pleased with her Islay Christmas present. It fits very well and she's also very happy with the tartan. We assume not many (if any) women in Germany will have anything like it (yet), so she has a fairly unique garment to wear.

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