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Sunday, 28/Dec/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #61

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Sunday already? Where did the week go? Ah, Christmas. I knew there was something. I hope you had a great Christmas, on Islay, in Scotland, in the UK, in Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, the US, Australia or any other place you might be reading this blog from. As to be expected is has been slightly quieter in the blogs this week (well, not really this one, why should I stop doing something I enjoy and love doing?), but Islay and Jura still received the odd mention in the blogs:

One thing that kicked off this week is the Vote for Argyll Awards 2008 with a good showing of Islay nominations. The For Argyll website keeps providing updates about the voting: 27th December update: voting patterns in ForArgyll Awards 2008 and 26th December: current voting patterns in ForArgyll Awards 2008. Ron is inviting his readers to support him, my main concern is getting good results for Islay, so please remember to vote Islay in the ForArgyll Awards 2008.

The For Argyll website also brings back another topic, the potential for Dark Sky Parks in Argyll suggesting Gortantaoid on Islay and the north end of Jura as possible locations.

I guess the odd wee dram of Islay Single Malt whisky was drunk over the Christmas holidays, I also found the odd blog posting mentioning Islay whiskies: The WhiskyViking writes about Laphroaig Triple Wood and is concerned about the premium price. Jim praises an 8 yo Bowmore as an inspiration for his blog posting. The Faerie Land praises packaging and taste of the Bruichladdich PC6 in The PC6. Not to forget Tom going through the Bruichladdich Sixteens: The Bordeaux First Growth Series. And a rather old posting (which I only just discovered) reports of Bruichladdich Lynn McEwan på Grand i Lund.

Birdwatching doesn't really stop for Christmas either: The Ravenous Rambler compares the Norfolk marshes to Islay, mainly for the geese. The Islay Birds blog reports of the (unsuccessful) ‘hunt’ for a Merlin, good sightings of 2 Sea Eagles and the Gruinart reserve geese count numbers. John Islay Birder Armitage hasn't been lazy either: After writing about the Winter Solstice he reports of a generally very settled situation.

A number of people went to Islay for Christmas: It seems the Bondbloke (and BondWoman) had a fantastic time on Islay and Jura, judging from the posts in the Photogenic Scotland. After Taking a Break with the Season’s Greetings there's a promise with A Taster of what is to Come. On Ron's Islay Weblog Teresa Morris shows some nice Islay pictures in her Islay Seasonwatch Report.

How about the pictures? Of course there have been pictures as well: Ron sent me a note saying he was as surprised as me when he found out about my Islay Pictures - Pictures from the Isle of Islay, Scotland photoblog when he launched his version of it a week later. Some nice pictures on it, among them Port Ellen Lighthouse, Dreaming of a White Islay Christmas and Enjoy Islay Life from Debbies Minimarket. Regular readers will be familiar with Mirko Herzner's Photoblog, his latest additions include Isle of Jura: Highland Cattle (2), Jura Parish Church (2): Merry Christmas and Jura Parish Church (1).

Anything else? Well, after the Bruichladdich chocolate I bought this week Takeshi Mogi mentions some kind of Laphroaig chocolate. I definitely have to find out more about this!

That's all for this week. Really all for now, as the Scottish Roundup is taking a break this week, so nothing to send you to. The next Islay blogging roundup will be in 2009 as well now...

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