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Thursday, 08/Jan/2009

Islay Picture Cards

Two entries today, after the Bowmore Islay Distillery Boiler Movie - Part 2 earlier this evening I decided to also write something about my latest little Islay project. For quite some time I've had the link to in my bookmarks, thinking I should do something Islay related with them. Last weekend I finally kicked off a little project, last night I received the first results:

Picture of a set of Islay picture cards and two card holders

These are my Islay picture minicards, 9 pictures and 1 ‘slogan’ in the complete set. Keeping them just to myself would be selfish, so I decided to open it up: You can also print your Islay picture minicards/business cards, adding your own text on the back of the card.

The cards are ‘minicards’, 70mm by 28mm, which is just under half the size of a standard business card. As of writing this 100 minicards cost £9.99 (+ postage), the cardholders are extra.

If you visit my Islay Pictures photoblog some of the pictures will be familiar, I used several of the pictures from the photoblog for this project. The pictures I chose are a tour around Islay with some of my favourite places and views, I hope you'll find something you like should you decide to print your own cards.

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