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Friday, 09/Jan/2009

Friday Islay Picture #88 - Miniature Bruichladdich

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Two Islay pictures this Friday. Kind of. They are both a bit unusual and not the normal type of picture I post here. But sometimes you need to experiment a little bit or just have a little fun. Let me start with the first picture now. If someone were to build a model of a place on Islay, how would it look? Well, may be Bruichladdich would look like this:

Picture of Bruichladdich manipulated so that it looks like a model photograph

Now what might look like a model of Bruichladdich distillery and An Taigh Osda in reality isn't one. Earlier this evening I discovered TiltShiftMaker, a website where you can create your own ‘tilt-shift style photos’. Naturally I played around with it for a while, trying a few of my Islay pictures. The one of Bruichladdich above is one of the results. What do you think, does it look convincing?

Picture of three chimneys

The second picture is a ‘Guess where/what this is?’ challenge. I was sent the picture yesterday with that question. I managed to guess it, although I had a slight advantage, because I remembered something we had discussed many month ago. I'll give you a hint though, something linked to this picture I blogged about last year. If you can't guess it you just have to wait until tomorrow evening, when I plan to post the solution.

With that I wish you a great weekend, have fun guessing what the picture might stand for...

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