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Saturday, 10/Jan/2009

Latest Islay Hotel Pictures

Time to provide you with the answer to yesterday's ‘Guess where/what on Islay this is?’ challenge. If you thought the chimneys were part of the new Islay Hotel in Port Ellen you were right. If you guessed they are for the Islay Hotel Fireplace you were spot on. Here's a wider view:

Picture of the roof of a hotel under construction

The next picture should be compared to two earlier pictures from more than a year ago. That way you'll get a good comparison of how it used to look, the gap after the old hotel was demolished and how Port Ellen looks now:

Picture of a view over a coastal village, an under construction hotel in the centre

The last picture for today provides a closer look at the under construction hotel from the same perspective. Not a huge change from the last update, but then keep in mind we had the Christmas and New Year holidays in between:

Picture of an under construction hotel

That's all I have for today. Good night.

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