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Sunday, 01/Feb/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #66

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Sunday evening, the evening before the big snow in England in Wales. None of that for Islay I suspect, at least not immediately if I can trust the weather forecast. But then again Islay has had its fair share of rough weather the last few days already. To the roundup then, what was written about Islay in the blogs and on Twitter over the last week?

Let's start with a bit of whisky and how Twitter can be useful apart from telling others what you're doing: Last week I spotted a Japanese (?) blog writing about an Islay whisky with an interesting name. Curious I asked if anyone knew which distillery this was. A couple of hours later I had the answer. Josh of the Whiskyfanblog pointed me to the entry in TheWhiskyWiki, which at least provided a suggestion (apparently it's a Laphroaig). He also reminded me that I still need to taste the Schokolade mit Whisky with Bruichladdich I bought at Christmas.

As I'm on the topic two Norwegian whisky blog entries: På Whiskytur til Islay – Del 1 looks like the start of a Norwegian's visit to Islay. Håvard Eide I believe is also from Norway, he writes about two old and one young from islay.

Now for a new blog which at least for the time being comes from Islay: The Whisky Guy Blog. It is written by Rob Gard, who will spend a few months on Islay. He arrived for his Islay Initiation in January and recently went on The long walk to a good whisky (that's Bunnahabhain in this case). This should be an interesting blog to follow.

The Bruichladdich Blog reports that they are Fired Up again and explains the link between Whisky and Water. Tom of the ardblog poses the Bruichladdich-Rätsel and then provides the Bruichladdich-Rätsel-Lösung.

Then the birdwatching:

John Islay Birder Armitage has now returned from his holiday and is busy writing up what he saw while away. This included Marsh Harriers and now rare Grey Partridge as well as Water Rails and Velvet Scooters.

The Islay Birds blog writes about the Big Garden Birdwatch 2009 vs 2008, has a picture of a young Golden Eagle and finishes the week with Michal's picture of a Purple Sandpiper at Ardnave.

On Ron's Islay Weblog Jeremy provides the Islay Nature Report 1 February - What a Day of a great birdwatching day on Islay. Ron himself proudly displays the Award Buttons and publishes the Co-op Bowmore Delivery Times.

Now the pictures. As mentioned last week Mirko Herzner has resumed photoblogging, among others Isle of Jura: Jura Gardens (2) and Isle of Jura: Cattle Grid and Car. On Ron's Picture Blog we find Port Charlotte from Kilchiaran Road and Dancing Trees. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go with the Two Ferries in Port Askaig and the Cliffs at Poll an Dubhaidh.

The Islay Twitter user list made it into Branchenverzeichnisse mit Twitter (Fortlaufende Updates), a collection of topic related Twitter user lists by a German Twitter evangelist. Via Twitter I also learned that IslayIT is powered by sailes. Erm, make that sails or sales. He also panics on occasion. IslayIan shared a view from the school bus.

That's about it this week I think. Well, apart from the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with The Budget that Never Was, or is Yet to Be. This week's roundup was supported by a wee dram of Bruichladdich Octomore followed by a wee dram of Bunnahabhain Darach Ùr. Good night, more Islay blogging next week!

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