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Sunday, 01/Feb/2009

Islay Shipwreck Pictures

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This Sunday morning I'm going to take you away from Islay, although only just a tiny wee bit. Thanks to someone called Derek (as he took the pictures) and Flickr user FlyingTales (I believe not the same person?) we get to see something of Islay almost all of us otherwise won't get to see: Wrecks at the bottom of the sea around Islay.

This morning I discovered his 10 picture set called Islay 1980 from the EUSAC Islay trip in August 1980. There are pictures from four different wrecks:

These pictures are from a time when there was a mini diving boom around Islay, unfortunately this seems to have largely stopped. See also my previous entry Diving in the Waters Around Islay. May be seeing those pictures will raise some divers curiosity and they will return to Islay?

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