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Saturday, 31/Jan/2009

Westering Home (to Islay) Sung by Norma Munro

Thought I finish January with an Islay music video I had originally planned to post last week. It is a song many will associate with Islay, sung by one of the best known voices on Islay, Norma Munro. Here she is performing ‘Westering Home’ at Bowmore:


The video was recorded by Petra de Boevere, a.k.a. Meisje, who I believe visits Islay regularly. Not very surprising considering she is running the Dutch as well as Meisje van de Slijterij. If I understand it correctly the performance was recorded in autumn 2007 during a dinner at Bowmore. Regular readers might even remember her from one of the first Islay blogging roundups, where I linked to her investigating Mannen in Kilts. Many thanks for sharing this lovely recording of a beautiful song!

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