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Saturday, 07/Feb/2009

Islay Hotel Interior Work

Back to Islay blogging after writing a rare entry on my other blog about winter in Aldermaston Wharf. If you think back to the last entry about the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen you might remember the chimneys for the fireplace going up. The other ones have now also been installed and work on the chimney heads is progressing:

Picture of a builder plastering a chimney head

With the weather not being very helpful on Islay over the last few weeks most of the work is now going on indoors, where the joinery and the electrical work is making good progress. Here's a view of the bar area under the main staircase:

Picture of a room with ongoing building work, stairs can be seen in the back

The other side of the bar and a link to the chimney pots: Below a view of one of the fireplaces in the hotel.

Picture of a room with building work under way, a fireplace and the frame for a wall can be seen

Other areas are also progressing, I believe this is in the kitchen area:

Picture of a room with building work under way

I think I stop here, I hope those pictures give you a good impression of the current progress. Just in case you're not aware of it, there's a full list of all Islay Hotel in Port Ellen related entries (quite a few of them by now) on my Favourites and Frequent Topics page.

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