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Friday, 20/Feb/2009

Friday Islay Picture #94 - Kilchoman Dunes

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Friday evening again and you will probably know what that means. Yes, time for the Friday Islay picture again. Looking through some pictures from the sunny walk from Kilchoman to Kilchiaran during the Islay Walking week 2005 I came across this nice view south along the Kilchoman dunes and Machir Bay:

Picture of dunes and cliffs along a wide bay, hazy sun breaking through clouds

Machir Bay is just visible behind the dunes on the right. On the hills in the distance on the left you can just make out the telecommunications masts, on the same site where the WWII Radar installations once were. I don't know if the wee loch in the dunes has a name, if you know please leave it in the comments.

As usual I will post a larger version on the Islay Pictures photoblog tomorrow morning. Until then you can visit another picture of the dunes on it: Walking the Dog on Kilchoman Beach, Isle of Islay.

With that I'm going to pour myself a wee dram of Islay malt and get some Islay Whisky Honey Chocolate Truffles out, wishing you a great and relaxing weekend!

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