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Sunday, 22/Feb/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #69

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Sunday evening already? Well, that means it must be time for this week's Islay blogging roundup. I believe it also means back to school (and work) for quite a few people tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken half term finishes in many schools in England and Scotland this weekend. With that sobering thought over to Islay and Jura in the blogs and on Twitter this week:

Let me start with a new blog, the Blog. Not specifically an Islay blog, but I would expect quite a few Islay mentions. After all the first two entries both mention Islay: Franz Scheurer's ARDBEG SUPERNOVA Review is obvious and the Most popular SMTV Videos include the famous Whisky Chef and a Winter Storm on Islay.

Norman Macaskill writes on the SCVO Rural Blog and recently visited Islay. He writes about his experiences and impressions in West by North West with an interesting comparison:

Islay reminds me of Barcelona. Everyone who goes there raves about how beautiful it is; then you go there yourself, and discover they were absolutely 100% right.

As of a few days ago 40 people had signed up for the Education2020 Unconference 2009. I should think 50 won't be out of reach.

Islay again managed a few mentions in the NoPoScoBloRo under the header How To Get To Heaven From Scotland… with Whisky Guy Rob and the Islay Photography Gallery. Away from Islay the Colonsay Brewery also gets a mention.

Speaking of Mark's Islay Photography Gallery, there's a nice picture of the Port Ellen Feis Bottle 2008. I'm also struggling to decide if I prefer Snowdrops at Bridgend or Snowdrops at Bridgend 2. Which one is your favourite?

On Ewan's Islay Photos blog I quite like Sea Wrack at Kilchoman and The View From the Shore at Ardbeg with a Dram. Mirko has returned to Islay with a nice shot of the ‘invisible M&S store’ in Loch Indaal on A847. He's now off to Bowmore distillery and has started the distillery tour: Bowmore Distillery (3): Explaining the Magic.

From my own pictures on the Islay pictures photoblog my favourites are the Laphroaig Distillery Reception, Log on Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay and Bowmore Shore and Harbour.

Elliott has a few more pictures on his Islay Sea Shipping blog: The replacement ferry to Jura, the Margret Sinclair in action, as well as the M.V Nord Star going down the Sound of Islay.

Moving on to the whisky:

The Bruichladdich Blog announces that you can soon get Wedded to the Laddie, strangely enough this is followed up by a Cask Proposal. I wonder if the two are linked? The Whisky Guy Blog asks What’s in a Label? and then has his last day at Bruichladdich with A Taste of Islay. He promises further updates from the other distilleries.

Any (Swiss) duty/tax experts around? Tom of the ardblog is baffled by the Supernova Zollgebühren he had to pay for his Ardbeg Supernova.

On the birding side the Islay Birds blog strays away from the birds with this picture of an otter on Jura. But don' worry, there are plenty bird news left. A variety of gulls are reported as well as the numbers from the International Goose count.

John Islay Birder Armitage has encouraging news after the Beached Bird Survey and explains why completing the BTO Atlas survey on Jura is quite tricky. Gordon Yates returns from A Winter Break on Islay.

In other news Caroline enjoyed her Islay lamb roast dinner. Ron leaves for his holidays with a Dutch Islay Video and goes punk rock with Hey Ho lets Oa. Oh, and Lennart is wondering where the Islay distillery jerseys are?

That's all for today, I need to get to bed for a good night's sleep to be fit for work again tomorrow. For the bigger picture the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup and I have a title. Good night!

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