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Sunday, 08/Mar/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #71

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Back in the normal Sunday slot (hopefully). After the problems with the last Islay blogging roundup I'm hoping for better luck today. So far I'm not aware of any problems. Despite the ‘shortened’ week I've managed to find a number of mentions for Islay, Jura and Colonsay on the blogs and on Twitter. Here they are:

Let me start with the Islay pictures today. IslayIan went for a walk in the north west of Islay this afternoon and brought back a few nice pictures. silicon_sky has a rather different view of Bowmore as desktop picture. How about the photoblogs? Mirko crossed the bridge to Finlaggan to visit the former home of the Lord of the Isles despite some rather dreich weather. Photogenic Scotland shows us Weather on Orsay - Islay

Mark Unsworth is back from his holiday and after finishing his Paps of Jura series with Ben Chaolais Reflections 2 he turns to snow on Islay: Shetland in the snow at Saligo and Snowfall at Saligo 1 are among my favourites. My own Islay Pictures photoblog is picked up by Vilmoskörtes Blog from Germany. The Islay distillery picture week continues, I think Laphroaig Distillery at Warehouse No 1 and Bunnahabhain Distillery in the Evening Light, although it's a tough choice.

Talking of whisky, on Wednesday I twittered about Laphroaig and dark chocolate to the agreement of islaybirding, whiskyfan and KarinaSchulz. On Friday I found a rather strange whisky tasting video, which was picked up by Serge at Whisky Fun, acdntlpoet isn't entirely convinced.

The writes about malt’n'more: Whisky-Pralinen mit Club-Abfüllungen, mentioning truffles filled with Islay single malt whisky. Deacon Peter Simpson is on a journey around Scotland, where he also visited Islay and Jura with Islay High School, Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Bruichladdich and Jura with the Islay of Jura distillery, all in a series about the Book of Genesis, which also took him to Colonsay.

The Elements of Islay are mentioned in a number of design blogs, TheWhiskyBlog (despite the English name) writes about Das Laphroaig Fassmanagement. The Bruichladdich Octomore edition 01.1 is reviewed by a DC gourmand while the Whisky Guy writes about Ardbeg’s Long Road to Renaissance.

The Bruichladdich Blog has a reminder of Celtic Manners and provides another heads up of the Arte Geo 360 visit to Islay (German readers will find this link more helpful).

In other news IslayIT spotted a visitor in shorts in Bowmore, on the same day others watched it snow. In an entry about the Kingship Stone of Cherry Hinton a ‘stone of inauguration’ or ‘stone of the footmarks’ by Loch Finlaggan is mentioned. Elliott has a picture of the M.V Isle Of Arran after her return to Islay from the Clyde. The For Argyll website says The Ileach breaks big story on new Islay ferry incompatability with existing ports.

No, I haven't forgotten them, last but by no means least the Islay birdwatchers:

The Islay Birds blog has a number of great bird pictures this week, as there are: A Great Spotted Woodpecker, a snowy Skylark and a strange looking goose which turns out to be a rather dirty Greenland Whitefronted Goose.

John Islay Birder Armitage isn't much of a birder this week, more of a building construction supervisor. He managed to squeeze in at least some birdwatching though. On his Islay Birding News Jeremy Hastings rants about connections....too stupid to save ourselves and then goes Birding Japanese.

That's all I have for this week, more next week. But not before pointing you to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture and some political blogging, this week with Morals and Ethics and Carnal Forbearance.

PS: Actually, there's one more. Elliott has posted a nice picture of the Aoife Og just in the nick of time to make it into this week's roundup!

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