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Monday, 09/Mar/2009

Islay and Jura Whisky in the News

On the Islay Pictures photoblog I've decided to extend last week's Islay distillery picture week into this week. One reason being that a week only has 7 days but there are 8 working distilleries on Islay alone. Not to forget the distillery on Islay's neighbour the Isle of Jura. Both sides have been in the news again recently, mainly Jura though:

I've come across a number of (Islay and Jura) whisky articles in the Indian press recently, like the Islay trail article mentioned recently. The Deccan Herald takes us to Jura in 180 people, one whisky distillery. Vikram Achanta visited Jura and the distillery and says he shall return.

Slightly more unusual is a report in The Daily Star. It's not the Daily Star from the UK or the US (let alone the Daily Star Superman used to work for), but the Daily Star from Lebanon. Not really a place I would necessarily expect to find something about Jura and other whiskies in. Nevertheless they have a report about Master Scotch blender gives crash course on how best to enjoy whisky. The master blender is Richard Paterson, who works for Whyte and Mackay, who own the Isle of Jura distillery. Quite a long and detailed writeup, well worth reading.

Now to today's news, first spotted it in Serge Valentin's Twitter stream, later the Bruichladdich blog mentioned two Whisky Companies For Sale. The report both refer to is Whyte & Mackay is to be put up for sale at Times Online. The headline is slightly misleading, as the report is not only about Whyte & Mackay, but also Burn Stewart. Meaning there are potential implications for both Jura and Islay.

Whyte & Mackay owns Isle of Jura distillery (among others) while Burn Stewart Distillers own Bunnahabhain distillery and Black Bottle (among others). A large part of the problems the parent companies have is due to the ‘credit crunch’ and ‘leverage’ coming back to bite them. I guess it's wait and see what happens now before we can draw any conclusions.

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