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Sunday, 22/Mar/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #73

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Sunday evening already? Then it must be time for the Islay blogging roundup. Before I get to that a quick note that if you missed yesterday's Geo 360 report about Islay on the continental Europe station Arte you should (at least for a time, I think a week) be able to watch it online here. If you're on the continent that is, at least for me it only gives me a message that ‘Unfortunately I can't see this video’. With that over to the roundup, what have the blogs been writing about Islay and Jura this week?

I think I should start with the Islay Birds blog and a post which should have the birdwatching community buzzing: Ian spotted a Greenland Falcon (I believe also called Gyr Falcon?) on Islay and had his camera ready! Three fantastic pictures in the entry. Against that the other entries look a bit small, although Michal had a great picture of the Geese at sunrise and James provided some birdcount numbers.

James Islay Birder Armitage is still away and learns everything you need to know about the sleepover, but we have Islay Birding News' Jeremy back from London. He went out Gyr falcon spotting after Ian's post, but doesn't mention if he was successful.

Ron wrote his Islay News Roundup February and First Half of March 2009, but the big focus on blog was the ferry and pier issue: After last week's new Islay ferry that doesn't fit Port Ellen he follows up with the CMAL Port Ellen Business Case Summary and asks New Islay Ferry - The Tip of the Iceberg?

With that to the whisky: A Norwegian blogger writes Lagavulin: Worth A Nose. In the meantime the guys at the - whisky blog write The Future's Bright... The Future's 'Laddich! I suspect the Bruichladdich Blog won't disagree. At least they can claim to have the Tallest Stills (or have they?) and rant about the Terminal Ferry.

Over in Edinburgh the Edinburgh Whisky Blog tastes the Laphroaig 25 yo Cask Strength. Tom of the ardblog is unhappy about Ardbeg und Freitag der 13. and notes that the Ardbeg Supernova ab 15. April erhältlich in Switzerland. Rob at The Whisky Guy Blog enjoys some beer and has A Cure for Your Ales.

Elliott at the Islay Sea Shipping blog keeps bringing great updates, this week he has pictures of the M.V Valiant. Unfortunately it looks like the Life on Islay blog will soon close, as the arrival of spring brings Bron's last post. There was also the Grinning Gent.

islayian announces a new wiki being developed, the Leaving Islay wiki about the clearances. The Education2020 Unconference has an unexpected guest signing up, turns out it's not that one though.

So how about the pictures?

There were quite a few of them again: On my own Islay Pictures photoblog I reached a milestone and posted the 100th picture this week, a picture of a Newborn Lamb at Dunlossit. I was also very happy with the Cloudy Sunset at Saligo Bay. On Ron's Picture Blog we find Calmac Staff at Work - Almost and Winter and Spring on Islay.

Mirko Herzner arrives at Bunnahabhain Distillery after spotting a Wooden Star. Ewan Graham's Islay Photos include the MV Hebridean Isles and Paps of Jura and the MV Isle of Arran Departing Port Askaig in a ferry themed week.

Mark Unsworth's Islay Photography Gallery has a picture of Queen of the Moorlands Whisky contrasting a Redundant chimney stack. Not to forget some nice Roadside Daffodils announcing spring. The aptly named Photogenic Scotland also has more Islay pictures, including Bowmore - Islay and Return to a Bowmore Sunset.

The Scottish Roundup this week also had several Islay mentions in the NoPoScoBloRo Learning good journalism, Scottish, Twitter and swears. If you're more interested in politics and the bigger picture try this week's roundup under Polls, the Pope, AWS and the importance of the Lib Dem Conference.

I think that's it for today. More Islay blogging next week. On my list are some great videos and golf. Plus a few other things.

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