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Tuesday, 31/Mar/2009

Various Islay Snippets

Sometimes I find a number of interesting Islay links or just small updates which don't really require their own blog entry. Some of them I post on my islayblog Twitter stream, but I don't think everyone is reading that. So I thought every once in a while I post them and others in a ‘summary’ here. Here are a few I thought some of you might find interesting:

With Walkislay less than two weeks away some of you might want to get a bit of practice before the big week. Should you be on Islay on the 5th of April already you might want to go on a walk with Islay on Foot's Karen Siddall. She's leading the Killinallan to Gortantaoid walk (on which I also took my parents later in the year), meet her at Killinallan Gate at 11:00, cost £3 per person, for questions contact Karen. (Spotted in The Ileach)

Students from Islay High School every year (or was it every two years?) organise a trip to a far away place where they also do some humanitarian work, e.g. the Ileachs to Malawi trip in 2007. Last year a small group from Palau visited Islay, this year the return visit will take place. One thing the students have to do in preparation is a lot of fundraising. Part of that is the dinner:

Borneo/Palau Expedition Dinner Sat 4th April 7pm IHS £20pp inc. 4 course dinner wine coffee & Pres by Dr Andy Smith of the BAS

I remember reading about past dinners in the Ileach and they've always been a great success. Not sure if there are still tickets available, if you can get one I'm sure it will be worth it.

Last but not least an Islay related blog or two, at least in a way: Some of you might have noted the addition of blackbottle to my Islay Twitter user list. That's blackbottle as in Black Bottle whisky. Behind it is Darroch Ramsay who is driving around the UK with the Black Bottle Campervan (aka Jalopy). He's also keeping track of his journey on the Black Bottle Bebo site/blog, where you can also see pictures of the van on Islay.

Actually, there's one more, another blog I just discovered this minute: Travels with Ardbeg Anyone know who's behind this and if it is from Ardbeg itself or an independent effort?

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