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Wednesday, 01/Apr/2009

Blue Whale Spotted on Islay!

Fascinating news reach me this morning from Islay: Blue whales have been spotted this morning on Loch Indaal on the Isle of Islay. Early in the morning on an overcast day a distillery worker on his way to work spotted the whales just off Port Charlotte and managed to capture the sight with his simple mobile phone camera. Unfortunately the quality isn't great, but it certainly looks and sounds like one or two blue whales:

Mark Reynier of Bruichladdich comments: “We can't get an oil tanker to land at Bruichladdich pier, yet a Blue Whale can swim into Loch Indaal? What is going on here?”

Jez Harding, the Islay Wilderness Guide, says: “What an unbelievable sight! A cracking experience! Islay wildlife continues to amaze me! Never expected to see something like that so close to home!”

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