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Sunday, 03/May/2009

Westering Home (to Islay) Played on a Harp

Regular readers were probably expecting an Islay blogging roundup this evening. However, because it is a bank holiday weekend and I only returned quite late from my Bank Holiday Sunday Walk - Two Pubs and Bucklebury Common I decided to push it out until tomorrow. But then again I don't want to leave you without an Islay blog entry today, so here's some special music for you to enjoy:

In April I posted a video Westering Home at Islay Visitor Welcome Evening. I don't know if it was the inspiration, but recently an Italian blog linked to that entry, a blog called blogarpa | Il blog dell'arpa. As far as I can tell a blog about the harp, the musical instrument. In that entry was something special:

The entry is called Westering home con audio (and follows a previous entry titled Traditional Scottish Songs: Westering Home). I don't speak any Italian so I don't really know what they are writing, but in the entry is the link to an mp3 audio file of ‘Westering Home’ played on a harp. I don't want to hotlink the file, so I'm going to tell you to head over to the Italian harp blog and there click on the link called ‘traccia audio’.

I hope you'll enjoy it. With that it's good night from me for today. If you're in the UK enjoy the Bank Holiday Monday, elsewhere get back to work ;-)

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