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Monday, 04/May/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #77 - Bank Holiday Edition

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

There we are, the belated or delayed or postponed Islay Blogging Roundup after yesterday's distraction with Westering Home (to Islay) played on a harp. True to form for a Bank Holiday Monday the weather has been mostly horrible on Islay (with Port Ellen recording the highest rainfall in Strathclyde with 3.2mm) and fairly grey in southern England. With that over to what the blogs have been writing about Islay in the last week or so:

Actually, take that back, let me start with two blog entries not about Islay, but related to it: First of all Ron of Islayinfo announced some good news, It's a Girl and her name is..... His wife Manuela gave birth to a daughter and presumably future Islay visitor. Others wanted to go to Islay today, but got stuck at Glasgow Airport instead and therefore didn't get to visit Islay.

Now really back to Islay, first the new blogs: The Ileach has recently started a blog, not surprisingly called ileach newspaper. Related to it there is also a Ileach photo gallery on Flickr and a new Ileach video gallery. I've mentioned the Islay Energy Trust blog last week already, it has an update about the Carbon Saving Project launch.

With the Islay Festival not far away now quite a few whisky or whisky related postings have popped up recently: The whiskyfanblog from Germany writes about the Laphroaig Cairdeas vs. Triple Wood. The Scotch Hobbyist provides us with a Kilchoman preview. Whisky blogger Joan from Spain points out Vídeos i imatges d’Islay. WhiskyGuy Rob in the meantime tells us about Getting Your Fill at Lagavulin. Micha Schmidt brings news of the Kilchoman Scotch Single Malt Whisky to Germany and says he'd like to taste some.

The announcement of the Port Askaig: New Single Islay Malt Range created a few reactions, the OH Group just asks What the What? John Hansell just gets down to business and has a Review: Port Askaig Islay single malt scotch.

The Bruichladdich Blog reminds of the Islay Beach Rugby tournament with Eat Sand 3 and informs us of the Organic Distillations. It also asks Crisis? What Crisis? The ardblog in the meantime has a report from the Vorstellung Ardbeg Supernova in Munich (if you follow the link in his entry, the video is in English).

Quick musical interlude: I've already mentioned it yesterday in its own entry, but as it is a blog I have to mention the Italian harp blog again with Westering home con audio | blogarpa.

How about some pictures? Scotland In The Gloaming has a Loch Indaal Sunset to start with. While spring has just arrived on Islay the exact opposite happens down south (far south), where Stacey in Antarctica (who used to work for the RSPB on Oronsay) has A few winter pictures...

On Mark's Islay Photography Gallery we find a slightly different picture of Bluebells, Saligo Bay in the late evening light and a Broken Wave at Saligo. Ewan's Islay Photos is taking a break at the moment, as is Ron's photoblog.

Mirko Herzner's journey around Islay continues, he picks up on Port Charlotte Filling station, the Kilchoman Distillery cask #1 and said good bye to Machir Bay. On my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've just installed a slideshow option (‘Play Slideshow’ in the top right menu) for those too lazy to click through the pictures, I think my favourites this week are Moon Over Loch Indaal (from The Monachs) and Walking the Dogs on Kilchoman Beach, Isle of Islay.

Elliott of Islay Sea Shipping has pictures of the M.V Quest in Port Ellen and the M.V Nordstrand in the Sound of Islay.

islayian ask us what topics we would like to discuss on the Message Wall for the Education 2020 Unconference 2009.

On a slightly sad note the Life on Islay blog has seen its last post, The very last one. Thanks to Scott and Bron for sharing their first year Islay experiences with us!

That leaves just one thing. You probably guessed it, the birdwatching. The Islay Birds blog has quite a few pictures this week, a group of Whimbrels to start with. Then there's the one-legged Oystercatcher and the House Sparrow, away from the birds there's a Roe Deer hind with her calf.

John Islay Birder Armitage is reminded of his childhood by TV programmes about agriculture and says it's Back to normal!! He also teaches us a new term (or invents one?), moth-ers.

And that's it for this week, I think. Hopefully didn't forget anything/ anyone. As usual the reference to the Scottish Roundup, published yesterday with This little piggy went… Now I'm off to bed, after all it's back to work tomorrow after the first bank holiday weekend this month. Good night!

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