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Tuesday, 19/May/2009

Another Islaymobile?

In less than four weeks my Islaymobile will carry me to Islay again. If you're looking out for it you can spot it by the Islay sticker on the back. But I digress, the real reason for this entry is something else. Last weekend I was sent a very interesting picture from Islay. Well, at least interesting for me.

When I first bought my car I wrote this:

I don't know if any Mini Clubman has made it to Islay yet, if not may be mine will be the first when I come over for my next visit in April? Should someone beat me to it I demand proof, ideally in the form of a picture of it on Islay's roads.

While I don't know if anyone beat me to the claim of driving the first Mini Clubman on Islay there has been (or still is?) at least one other on Islay now. This one:

Picture of a Mini Clubman parked in a village road

That's obviously a very nice Mini Clubman parked on Jamieson Street in Bowmore. Bowmore petrol station on the left. I don't know if it belongs to a visitor or someone living on Islay, either way they obviously have taste. I quite like the colour combination, nice choice. If it is still on Islay in June I hope I'll spot it when I'm out and about.

Looking at the comments from the old entry I just noticed that Chris of is planning to take his yellow Mini Clubman to Islay for the upcoming festival. Can someone send me a picture of it on Islay?

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