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Monday, 20/Jul/2009

Islay in the News for the Wrong Reason? (Updated)

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Not all news from or about Islay are nice and positive. When I spotted the first report of a sad find on Islay this morning I was wondering where this would go and if I should pick it up in the blog. Some people are of the school to pretty much ‘only report the positive’ in case it harms Islay's reputation otherwise. But will this make it go away? Earlier today I spotted this news item (admittedly not in the most highbrow publication):

Exclusive: Tourist finds seal pup with bullet wound on beach

It didn't take long and the news weren't that exclusive any more, as the Press & Journal also picked it up: Seal pup found with bullet hole in its body on beach. This was soon also picked up by a few blogs, including a Dutch (?) blog about animals and animal rights, Toerist op Islay (Schotland) vindt doodgeschoten jonge zeehond bij Port Ellen - Regering werkt aan nieuwe wet om zeehonden beter te beschermen. Mark Carter, who is currently on hunger strike against the shooting of seals also picks it up in his daily blog: Hunger Strike 4 Seals: Day 50.

I have to point out that I don't know anything further than what is mentioned in the reports. I don't know the background to the protests against the seal shooting in general either. Nevertheless I thought it worth mentioning the reports and the first reactions I've seen so far, keeping in mind that many people living on Islay or visiting Islay are interested in wildlife.

Any other thoughts or views?

Update: It looks like the news were based on insufficient facts and the shooting wasn't confirmed. I haven't seen any further reports in the news, but Mark provided some further insights in the comments, please read them for the details. Many thanks to Mark for these well informed updates, really appreciated!

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