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Wednesday, 22/Jul/2009

The Jura Whisky Islay Water Conspiracy? (updated)

Picture of a cottage next to the shore

Recently ardbeg_com tweeted that water levels at the dam are still low. Is this just the usual drier summer on Islay or could there be another reason? Well, there might be...

See that building on the left? It looks like an innocent bothy at the Sound of Islay. But is it? Could it be hiding a dark secret? A secret water pumping station to the Isle of Jura may be?

Let's take a look at the Jura Whisky or Jura Cocktail from last week. In it I linked to three videos, one of it has something strange happening in it. I missed it at first until the Mashtun Man pointed it out in the comments. Watch this section of the spot and listen closely. Yes, Colin says Jura whisky consists of 60% Islay water and Richard confirms it.

Is there something Colin and Richard know but we don't? Is there a secret pipeline siphoning some of that nice wonderful Islay water off to Jura? Is the good Islay water the secret to Jura's taste?

I think we should be told!

PS: Please don't take this posting too serious. Of course there is no secret pumping station to transfer Islay water to Jura. It was an innocent mistake in the heat of the moment, for some reason not picked up by anyone when the video was released. I hope the guys at Isle of Jura distillery (and the people involved in producing the video) can laugh about it. It makes you human, not just some bland perfect corporate marketing machine. I couldn't resist having a bit of fun with it.

Update: Richard has now posted a good response on his blog: Islay water in my Jura? I think not. Thanks for being a good sport, Richard!

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