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Sunday, 09/Aug/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #86

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Finally a bit of summer today, I think it's been sunny both on Islay as well as here at HQ. So sunny that I ventured out to create another time lapse video at the Kennet & Avon Canal. But now I'm switching my focus back to Islay for this week's Islay blogging roundup. What have the blogs been writing about Islay this week?

Let me start with a Japanese blog, while I can't read anything apart from the distillery names I can look at the pictures. It looks like the blogger visited a number of distilleries in Scotland, including all on Islay, i.e. Bruichraddich Distillery (I'm guessing the man with Jim in the last picture is him), Kilchoman Distillery, Caol Ila Distillery, Bunnahabhain Distillery, Ardbeg Distillery, Laphroaig Distillery, Lagavulin Distillery, Bowmore Distillery and last but not least also the Port Ellen Maltings.

Bill Boyd had a shorter journey when he went Bowmore or Bust, coming from Ayr (by bike though, on his own power in other words). Also check his picture set Islay on Flickr. From a bit further away (Scandinavia, although I'm not sure which country) came another blogger for a Skottland 2009 tour including Skottland 2009: Islay and Whisky resa.

I mentioned ‘needled’ in the last roundup, as I had a hoped there's more for this week: A wonderful walk to the summit of Beinn Bheigier. Some great pictures in there!

Scotland trip...follow us: It's all about Brett!!! is from a distillery tour, closely related is Classic Malts Cruise to Caol Ila distillery in Scotland by David Lansing. He also learned about Celtic pillaging at Lagavulin and is slightly baffled by British toffs at a nosing.

As we're on the topic of whisky, John Hansell has got Jim McEwan's offering for WhiskyFest SF. Jack Bettridge in The Plot Thickens wonders which cigar best goes with a Laphroaig?

Tom Bombadil from Switzerland is planning a visit to Islay, in particular the distilleries and lists ‘Seven Reasons for Islay’: Sieben Gründe für Islay and Sieben Gründe für Islay (2) have been covered so far.

The Bruichladdich Blog serves up a Slice of Octomore, which makes Tom of the ardblog wonder Ardbeg : Bruichladdich = Tonverschärfung? (is the tone getting harsher?)

On the sporty side the Bellahouston Road Runners sent a team to the Ardbeg Isle of Islay Half Marathon. On Ron's Islay Weblog we find a lot of coverage about the Ride of the Falling Rain including the Ride of the Falling Rain Report and the Ride of the Falling Rain Video.

Birdwatching: The Islay Birds blog had the traditional monthly weather stats. Various birds of prey were spotted as well as 70 Swallows. John Islay Birder Armitage in the meantime spotted a large variety of birds on a nice day before writing down his thoughts on raptor persecution.

To the pictures: Michael Schobert (yes, related to Walter) has a few Islay pictures on his photoblog, including Last Journey Done. On Mark's Islay Photography Gallery we find Remains of shipwreck, Lochindaal, Ripples in the Sand and a Sunset at Saligo. My favourites from my own Islay Pictures photoblog are Fly Fishing at the Tree Lined Loch Ballygrant and Two Waves and a Sunset, Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay.

I think that's it for this week, I hope I haven't forgotten anything important. Before I close the reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with The Blogosphere BBQ. Good night!

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