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Monday, 10/Aug/2009

Islay Hotel Extension Under Way

With the Islay Hotel in June Panorama finally out of the way it time for some ‘fresh out of the camera’ (well, almost, they were taken yesterday) pictures of the under construction Islay Hotel. If you look at the sketches for the new Islay Hotel from 2007 again you will notice an extension out to the back. As you can see from the back of the hotel panoramas this part of the project hadn't been started so far. This has now changed:

Picture of the foundation for an extension at a hotel

The first view is from just under the arch (not part of the hotel) into the backyard. You can see the foundations being laid and if I'm not mistaken right in front is where stairs to the basement will be. Walking in a bit further you can see quite nicely where the extension will dock on to the main building:

Picture of the foundations for an extension at the back of an under construction hotel

The two larger openings left and right of the corner are the walkways from the reception and restaurant area. If my memory serves me right the bar will be towards the left side. Finally a view from the other end:

Picture of the foundations for an extension at an under construction hotel

For some reason seems to look much bigger from this angle, stretching out much further. In case you're wondering what they are, the blue pipes you can see standing up are the bore holes for the geothermal heating installation.

Fingers crossed all goes well and progresses fast, last time I spoke with Roland he was planning to at least part open the hotel by the autumn. May be even by the time of my next visit to Islay in October?

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