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Wednesday, 26/Aug/2009

Machair Preservation (and a bit of Islay Machair)

The news I'm going to link to today are not really Islay specific, they might not even benefit Islay specifically. But as I've only recently written about Islay, Farming and Nature Conservation (which includes machair) and this gives me another opportunity to post a picture of the machair on Islay…

Picture of a colourful machair on Islay, hills and sea in the background

(I'll probably post the larger version of this picture on the Islay Pictures photoblog tomorrow morning)

But back to the news in question, the most detail can probably be found on the RSPB website: Unique machair habitat set for £2m boost, but it is also picked up by the BBC or the Press & Journal. In short, significant funds are being made available to support preservation of the machair which exists in ‘a strip of coastal land stretching from North Uist to Islay, with small pockets extending to the north of Lewis.’

Most of it can be found in the Outer Hebrides, but there are also a few pockets on Islay. The picture above was taken near Smaull Farm, owned by the RSPB and run to their guidelines. Hopefully some of the funding can help to preserve these wonderful landscapes on Islay as well.

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