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Thursday, 27/Aug/2009

More Islay Tidal Energy Links

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The in my opinion rather badly written article in The Guardian Islay to be entirely powered by tides seems to have been blogged about everywhere and ‘tweeted’ by almost as many. While it certainly has put Islay on the map I still think some more balanced and realistic reporting and links would have been better. Here are two further links I thought worth pointing out:

On the Islay Energy Trust website run by Lindy MacLellan and Andy Macdonald you'll find quite a lot of background information about the project. First of all the Tidal Energy Project page, which gives a good overview. Then the posts tagged Tidal Energy in the blog, which provide some more background about the various surveys etc associated with the project. Well worth spending some time on the site!

Mark on the Bruichladdich Blog also has an entry titled Tidal Power. In it he confirms what I suspected about the energy needs of the distilleries:

Sadly, only a minor fraction of a distillery's energy requirement is made up of electricity as it is simply too inefficient a way of generating the levels of steam required to drive stills.

So no ‘guilt free zero carbon emission Islay single malt whisky’ just yet (and I'm ignoring the peat being burned to create the typical smoky peaty Islay style already anyway). But then again, with advances in technology who knows what the situation might be in 10 years or so?

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