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Monday, 09/Nov/2009

Chris' Islay and Other Pictures

If you are scared of creepy crawlies some of Chris Morgan's pictures might not be right for you, but there are other pictures as well. In particular the ones of interest for this blog: Recently Chris travelled from one island (Jersey, where he lives) to another (Islay, obviously). While on Islay he stayed at Smiddy Cottage from where he explored the island with it's birdlife and other sights:

Screenshot of a collection of pictures, mainly birds

To view Chris' Islay pictures only you can find them by viewing the pictures tagged with Islay (also as slideshow). However, you would then miss some of his other wonderful pictures, like his set Birds. Funnily enough there's a picture Cattle Egrets Stampede, taken in India. Those interested in birdwatching will remember that the first sighting of a Cattle Egret on Islay happened very recently.

Of course there are also the creepy crawlies mentioned above, otherwise also known as Insects and Spiders. Just explore Chris' photostream for more. I hope you enjoy them!

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