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Tuesday, 17/Nov/2009

Islay Tidal Energy Project on Al Jazeera Television

Islay on Video written in stencil

Just got home from an evening out in London, so not too much time for blogging as I need to get to bed soon. However, before I go I wanted to point out an Islay video from a slightly unexpected source, Al Jazeera Television. It's about the tidal energy project in the Sound of Islay and to my knowledge was first transmitted on Sunday:


There is also an entry about the report on the Al Jazeera website at Scotland tests unique green project. This is the second television report after the Islay Tidal Project and IET on BBC Newsnight Scotland back in September I can think of. I think Tom Friend produced a quite balanced report, highlighting the potential of the project as well as the concerns.

(via Andy Wallis mentioning it in the first place and Andy Macdonald pointing out the YouTube video)

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