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Monday, 07/Sep/2009

Islay Tidal Project and IET on BBC Newsnight Scotland

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Almost two weeks ago I wrote about Islay Distilleries and Renewable Tidal Energy, followed up by More Islay Tidal Energy Links. This was all based on the report in The Guardian Islay to be entirely powered by tides, which I wasn't too impressed by. I'm not sure if this will be available to viewers outside of the UK (and it's only available for a short time, so you better be quick), but there's been a report about the project on BBC Newsnight Scotland last week:

Screenshot of the BBC iPlayer with BBC Newsnight Scotland running

It will only be available until 11:19pm on Thursday 10th September 2009, but here's the Islay Tidal Energy project report on BBC Newsnight Scotland (link forwards directly to the start of the report). The report is almost 10 minutes long, providing views from a variety of people including Philip Maxwell of the IET. It feels a bit more balanced than other reports I've seen, highlighting some of the pitfalls this and similar projects need to avoid. Of course there are also a few nice views of Islay, that's probably unavoidable.

Many thanks to Andy Macdonald of the Islay Energy Trust for pointing this out!

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