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Saturday, 21/Nov/2009

Port Ellen Fish Quay Repairs Update

Picture of repair work at a harbour pier

When I posted the pictures of the Port Ellen fish quay repairs a few days ago I had to point out they were from three weeks ago. Thanks to a friend on Islay who sent me a few pictures I can now remedy that and provide you with some much more recent impressions. They were taken on 19/Nov on a rather wet day, showing a big crane at work as well as various other details including some big lights:

Picture of a crane at pier repair work, some big lamps on the left

As you might have seen from Elliott's comment to the previous entry, “the first pour of concrete went in last Monday 16th. Next pour is going to be Monday 23rd.” I'm not sure, but I'm wondering if the bit under the pontoon is the new wall already? It looks very new?

Picture of a construction site, reconstructing a pier wall. Some detail like pontoons and equipment.

A closer look shows some of the details and some of the equipment. If you look closely you can spot some diving equipment at the end of the quay, I guess that will be from CDCampbell Marine Contracts (Craighouse, Jura), who I've been told do the diving work.

That's all I have for today, I hope all goes to plan and early next year the work will be finished.

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