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Thursday, 26/Nov/2009

Stormtroopers on Islay

Geek content on Well, kind of. Many people believe bloggers are geeks or nerds or something along those lines. I'm not sure if I can count myself among them, for example I've never seen a single episode of Star Wars, which to my knowledge is required to qualify as a geek or nerd. Nevertheless I have a vague idea what a stormtrooper is or at least know how one looks like. Which brings me back to the topic of today's entry, stormtroopers on Islay:

I somehow managed to miss them during the Islay Beach Rugby tournament this year, but there were stormtroopers in attendance as documented in photographic evidence I managed to find on this interweb thing:

Unfortunately that's all I've managed to find so far, if there's more feel free to let me know or e-mail me your own pictures of stormtroopers on Islay. If everything goes to plan I'll be at next years tournament again, if they return as well I'll try to take more pictures and may be even video.

PS: Bonus picture Alien Life Form (A.L.F.) on Islay.

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