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Dimàirt, 01/An Dùbhlachd/2009

Vote for Islay High's FilmG Entry!

Islay on Video written in stencil

December begins with a special Islay video. I've known of this video for a while and those following me on Twitter or reading the Islay blogging roundup closely might have noticed me mentioning already (and possibly even watched it). The video in question is this, Islay High School's entry to the FilmG (Gaelic) / FilmG (English) competition, An Tùr (The Tower):

This video is the result of many months of hard work by the filmmaking group at Islay High. They are guided / supported by Andy Wallis, who teaches Media Studies (Islay) at the school. He runs a blog at Frame by Frame - Journeys in Moving Image Education, where he also wrote about the project: Reflections on An Tur – The FilmG Entry.

If, like me, you don't speak Gaelic you might find the following short synopsis from the FilmG page helpful:

A girl is dreaming in class of a tower and sees her friend walk into it. She wakes up with a fright from the teacher and sees him wearing the same cloak as she saw in the dream. She warns her friend not to go to the tower. Her dream becomes reality where she goes on a mission to save her friend. Upon saving her, she remembers that there are three other girls missing.

Now for the most important part, as this is a competition the group needs your help: If you like the film you should vote for it and give an Alba Star. To support Alice, Gillian, Richard, Sherylyn, Christianne and their many helpers go to the An Tùr (The Tower) FilmG entry page and register your vote. You've only got until 15/Jan/2010 to vote!

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