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Monday, 30/Nov/2009

Islay Hotel Getting Painted

Picture of the side of a van with the Easy Reach company information

Today is St. Andrew's Day, but then you probably knew that anyway and didn't come to this blog to read that. By now most of you will probably also have heard that the new Islay ferry will be called Finlaggan, so I'm not going to write about that either (There isn't really that much further interesting information anyway apart from that 70% of the 900 votes were for it). No, instead I'm going to write about the good weather on Islay today and what it was used for at least by some: Painting the front of the new Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. Here we go, in beautiful end of November sunshine earlier today:

Picture of two painters at work on a cherry picker

If you think back to the Photosynth of the Islay Hotel or the Islay Hotel October 2009 Panorama I posted a few weeks ago, I think you'll agree even only the small part they had completed when these pictures were taken makes quite a difference.

Another picture of two painters at work on a cherry picker

The weather forecast for the next few days looks rather mixed, so who knows when they will be able to finish it. Speaking of ‘them’, here they are smiling for the camera:

Picture of two painters in a cherry picker

That's all for today I think. Good night!

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