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Wednesday, 11/Nov/2009

Photosynth of the Islay Hotel Port Ellen

Back in October I posted the Photosynth of the Round Church in Bowmore, Islay and the Photosynth of Laphroaig Distillery, Islay. With the Laphroaig photosynth I hinted that I had the pictures for one further photosynth left: After the Islay Hotel October 2009 Panorama and the Back of the Islay Hotel October 2009 Panorama it is now time to look at the under construction hotel from a slightly different perspective, with a photosynth:

Screenshot of the startup screen of a photosynth of the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen

To view it full size you might want to go to the Islay Hotel Port Ellen (in construction Oct 2009) Photosynth. That way you can view it in full size with much more detail, but as a taster here's the embedded version:

The Photosynth covers pretty much the whole front of the building, you can ‘walk around the building’ and see it from different angles. The view in the first screenshot above is from the corner of Charlotte Street and Frederick Crescent, here is a view from Frederick Crescent looking down Charlotte Street:

Screenshot of a photosynth of the under construction Islay Hotel in Port Ellen, turned around a corner

Of course you can also zoom in quite a bit for more detail, here's one of the roof on the Frederick Crescent end of the building:

Screenshot of some Photosynth detail of the roof of an under construction hotel

So what do you think of the Photosynth of the hotel? Does it provide a different perspective than the panoramas you are hopefully already familiar with? Should I try to create one of the finished hotel next year?

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