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Tuesday, 27/Oct/2009

Photosynth of the Round Church in Bowmore, Islay

Back in September, when I wrote about IslayIan's Islay Photosynths, I kind of promised I'd try to remember to take a few pictures for my own Islay Photosynths. In Photosynth you create large immersive ‘panoramas’ (they are not really panoramas, as you're more moving around a place). Well, I did take several hundred pictures during my recent Islay visit for a handful of Photosynths, the first one I'd like to present today. It's of the Round Church in Bowmore:

Screenshot of the Photosynth site with a Round Church showing

To view the church in all its glory you might want to go to the Bowmore Round Church, Isle of Islay, Photosynth. That way you can view it in full size, but as a taster here's the embedded version:

If you haven't used Photosynth before I think you'll have to install a plugin, which should happen automatically. Otherwise you can just start exploring, I suggest just moving around a bit and discover. I've taken pictures from various angles, so you can view it from the side (as in the preview at the top) or turn it to view it from the front:

Screenshot of a Photosynth, the front of the Round Church in Bowmore

You can also zoom in to see some of the details much closer, like here of the entrance. This isn't zoomed in all the way yet, you can actually zoom in enough to read the notices:

Screenshot of a Photosynth, zoomed in to see some detail

I hope you've enjoyed (or will enjoy, if you decided to read all the way to the bottom before exploring) the Round Church photosynth. As mentioned I've taken pictures for other Islay Photosynths as well, I'll blog about them some other day.

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