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Diluain, 01/Mar/2010

Islands on the Isle of Islay

Collage of a few pictures of islands on an island

Islay is an island, obviously. Many islands are just that, one island. But some have a bit more, islands on an island. Not off the main island, but on the island, in a lake (or in Islay's case a loch). At least that's what Josh Calder asked me for last weekend:

I'd like to see some pictues of the islands of the lochs of Islay. A slightly surprising request, but then Josh runs a website called with the World Island Info Blog. One of his topics are what he calls Double Islands. So he got me thinking how to deal with his request, what could I offer him?

Very initially I thought I'll post a picture in the next Friday Islay picture. But then I thought about it a bit further and decided that wouldn't do. Instead I decided to start a small series of pictures of islands on Islay on the Islay Pictures photoblog and went looking in my archives.

This morning I posted the first picture, Finlaggan Council Island, Isle of Islay. Further pictures will follow this week and potentially later, they will be tagged with the island_on_islay tag. I've got four further pictures lined up until Friday, but I think I'll have a few more until at least Sunday.

I doubt I can give him triple island though, an island on an island on an island. I can't think of any in that category on Islay, if I've forgotten something please let me know!

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