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Dimàirt, 02/Mar/2010

Achamore Gardens on Gigha Video

Picture of two yellow flowers

After a long and busy day at work a garden is a great place to relax. Living in a flat I don't have a garden (but I've got some nice trees outside, at least for now) and at least at this time of year it would be too late anyway. Nevertheless I'm going to take you to a very nice garden this evening. Not on Islay though, instead we're going on another excursion to the Isle of Gigha, one of Islay's neighbours. Here we meet Micky Little, head gardener at Achamore Gardens:


I've been to Achamore Gardens twice, once in April 2002 and more recently in July 2008. The picture in the top right is from the visit in 2008. Seeing Micky showing us his flowers with such genuine joy and enthusiasm makes me think I should go again some time.

Oh, and if you just can't live without it, you can get some nice views of Islay from one of the viewpoints at Achamore Gardens.

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