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Dimàirt, 20/Apr/2010

Islay Hotel Port Ellen Update

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If I'm not entirely mistaken the last update I posted about the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen was in early January about the Islay Hotel Entrance and Extension. Now I haven't only been walking during my recent visit to Islay. I've also paid a visit to Port Ellen where among other things I had a look at the latest status at the hotel:

Picture of the corner entrance of an under construction hotel

The stone frame for the entrance has now been completed, as have been the corner windows. Only the walls have to be finished (another coat and then the ‘whitewash’), then the scaffolding can come down. If I remember correctly that should happen within the next week or two.

Picture of the front of an under construction small hotel

Once the entrance is completed the whole front will be pretty much complete, apart from a handful final touches. A lot of progress has also been made at the back:

Picture of the back of an under construction small hotel

Roland gave me a quick tour of the inside, unfortunately it was incredibly difficult to take any meaningful pictures of the rooms or anything else inside. I've decided to give you at least one picture, a view of the future bar (on the left side of the extension of the picture above):

Picture of a large room in an under construction hotel, the future bar

Speaking with Roland he hopes to open the hotel in July or August if everything goes well. Still a lot of work to do, but seeing how far the hotel is now I can see this happening. The rooms look very promising, bright and with great views over various areas of Port Ellen.

When I return to Islay in June I expect to see a lot more progress and may be even give you a better impression of the rooms. Over the next few days I'll prepare the latest Islay Hotel Port Ellen Panoramas to continue the series. Watch this space.

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