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Diardaoin, 15/Jul/2010

Jura Picture Excursion

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Yesterday I took you away from Islay over to Colonsay, keeping with that theme I've decided to take you away to Jura today. Time for a shameless plug. While it strictly speaking is an Islay Pictures photoblog and therefore should contain Islay pictures only I've decided to bend the rules a bit:

Small previews of 5 pictures and a question mark in place of the sixth

Every once in a while I post a series of pictures with a theme, like the Islay distilleries or the Islands on the Isle of Islay series earlier this year, on my Islay Pictures photoblog. After three great excursions to Jura this year (in April during the walking week and twice in June) I convinced myself to stretch the definition of an Islay photoblog quite a bit and post pictures from Jura for a week (I've posted the odd one previously, but never for a whole week). You can see a preview of five of them I've already picked for this week on the left, I'll probably post two more over the weekend.

All the Jura pictures will be in the ‘Jura Excursions’ category (similar to the Jura related posts here). If there's a picture you would like to see on the blog feel free to let me know, if I have something half way decent I'll post it when I get a chance. Just keep in mind that my library of Jura pictures is far less extensive than the Islay one.

And of course the Islay Pictures photoblog will revert to just that next week, Islay pictures.

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