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Dihaoine, 01/Apr/2011

James Bond Movie to be filmed on Islay?

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Islay being a film location isn't something new really, parts of the Ealing comedy The Maggie were filmed on Islay, as were parts of Para Handy in the BBC television series. Unfortunately plans for Ken Loach to film on Islay fell through, but last night a friend sent me an e-mail with some even more exciting news:

Not many details are known yet, but it looks like parts of a future James Bond movie will be filmed on Islay. The story details are yet to be finalised, but from what my friend tells me the supervillain's lair will be either on Islay or on Jura. More like under, probably. Apparently submarines or boats will be involved, with a ‘secret’ canal to the bad guys hiding place:

Picture of a river with a concrete wall on one side

The Round Church in Bowmore is likely also going to play a role, I understand it will be a secret navigation light (presumably in the tower?) to guide the villain's boat/ submarine to the entrance of the canal. The description of the supervillain's cave mentions that it is under three distinctly shaped mountains, I assume this is referring to the Paps of Jura.

My friend didn't know how they were going to address the accommodation problem with stopped Ken Loach from filming on Islay, hopefully there won't be a last minute change in mind. Fingers crossed Islay and Jura will have another claim to fame soon!

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